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Schermi App

Web Application Development

From the experience acquired with the development of our digital platform, we can provide you with the "state of art" of online application development.
Do you have an idea? Do it with us, in complete safety, we know that secrecy is a fundamental aspect to launch a new online platform

R & Shiny & R mackdown

At your service, qualified personnel in the creation of dedicated scripts for advanced analyzes, from statistics, to geostatistics to the development of Machine learning and Deep Learning models.
Preparation of specialist reports using R Mackdown, the state of the art of advanced reporting.
Web Application development using the Shiny - R Studio web-framework


Docker image and host service

Development and security of your web application is our goal. To do this we use the  data encryption and development of docker images

Artificial intelligence - Machine learning & Deep learning

Development of artificial intelligence models to speed up, automate and improve production processes.
From prediction to classification passing through specific technical models to solve specific problems.


Non-disclosure agreement

non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Safety is our priority for you, every discussion or need will be treated with the utmost professional silence.

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