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Having an eye from above has its importance, because it will allow you to easily and quickly identify which portions of your plots need additional care. In addition, the tool allows you to set the prescription map, which will allow you to provide your crop with only the necessary.



This tool will allow you to perform drone image processing.  In order to visualize both the areas in difficulty and the areas with greater fertility. In addition, you can set the prescription map that will allow you to save up to 20% on agronomic inputs.

Weather & Proximal Forecasts

In addition to seeing the weather conditions near your plots,  you will have a very precise forecasting service that will allow you to plan your field activities.

Image by NOAA

European Soil & Soil Mapping

You will be able to view the European soil map, which will allow you to compare the fertility of your plot with the neighboring one, so as to be aware of the potential of this plot at the time of purchase and / or sale and / or rent.
We can also provide you with soil resistivity mapping, which can be used for the provision of prescription maps as well as the automatic calculation of the recommended fertilizer dose for each crop.

Market data & forecasts  prices

You will have access to global market price data for the main agricultural commodities and more.
Furthermore  using artificial intelligence algorithms you can make market forecasts in a precise and accurate way.

Image by Markus Winkler
Grafico finanziario

Sensor visualization & analysis

With an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, you will be able to appreciate all the data acquired by the sensors in the field in real-time.  Furthermore, thanks to the acquired data we can provide you with recommendations:
1. When to fertilize, based on the weather forecast and soil water content.
2. How much to fertilize, based on the nutrient content of the soil and relative nutrient balance.
3. Forecast of the water and nutrient content of the soil

Business management

The only portal where you can also carry out business management in a workmanlike manner.
In the application you will find useful tools such as cadastral data, campaign notebook, invoice register, company inventory, and an activity calendar that will allow you to plan each activity

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Try our app for free

You will have at your disposal for free:

1. Agricultural weather

2. Satellite images

3. Economic trends

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Discover the packages

  • AgroBasic

    Perfetto per poter iniziare a testare l'applicazione
    Free Plan
    • Agrometeo
    • Immagini Satellitari
    • Consulente Agronomico Digitale
    • Multi Azienda
    • Integrazione con Jhon Deere
  • AGROplus

    Every year
    Perfetto per suggerimenti agronomici
    • Tutte le funzionalità dell'abbonamento Basic
    • Mappe di prescrizione
    • Bilancio dei nutrienti NPK
    • Dati del suolo
    • AI - Modelli Colturali
    • AI - Modelli Previsionali delle Malattie & Insetti
  • AgroSensor

    Connetti, Visualizza & Analizza i dati provenienti dai sensori
    Free Plan
    • Contattaci per avere maggiori informazioni
    • Cabina Davis
    • Cabine su misura
  • AgroSoilMapping

    Servizio AI Based per la mappatura del suolo con risoluzione 10x10 m con almeno 8 anni di dati
    Free Plan
    • Carbonio Organico
    • Azoto
    • Fosforo
    • Potassio
    • Conducibilità Elettrica
    • pH
    • Prezzo ad ettaro

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