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Specific solutions  for every need

There is no solution for everything.
But there is a solution for every single problem.


Precision agriculture has never been easier. We have developed an application designed for operability and ease of use.

You can also try it for free.


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Smart Farming API

We don't just share data, we share applied agronomic knowledge.

A single API where you can find, satellite imagery, evapotranspiration maps, prescription maps, soil data, weather, digital agronomic advisor, echarts, html ready-to-use widgets, Nutrient Balance, 10 m x 10 m organic carbon maps, yield forecasts.


All in a single API

Remote Organic Certification

From patent to idea in revolutionizing the world of organic certification.


Learn how satellite imagery & artificial intelligence & IoT enable you to be able to monitor organic farms.


The first platform with AI for certifying bodies and supply chains.

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Carbon Farming App

The first platform that enables you to be able to monitor organic carbon content over time.


Great for carbon credit certifying bodies.


The app will enable you to be able to determine annual maps of organic carbon content over time from 2017.

Satellite And Insurance

Learn about InsuranceSat.


The platform for insurance companies and insurance adjusters.


It is possible to identify when, where the damage occurred and by determining the affected area directly remotely


Drones surveys

Data interpretation
Segmentation of drone images
Distribution of auxiliary insects


Qualified personnel available for you Specific


Develop digital skills in agriculture with us.


Academic and professional skills are available for you to have the right knowledge for every need

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Agronomic Consultant

Our team includes agronomists with cross-cutting skills.


Contact us for a free consultation

Web Application Development

You want to develop a platform, a solution that can solve a specific problem.


At your disposal is a team that has already developed apps for the digitization of agriculture in the past.

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