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Pedo-climatic cabins

Our pedo-climatic cabins are the definitive solution for agricultural-environmental monitoring.
In addition to climatic data, we provide data relating to the water content of the soil and its main nutritional elements, namely, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
The data is collected in Google Sheet which can be easily viewed and analyzed  online or easily integrated into digital platforms with Google APIs.

Image by Kelli McClintock

The portability and ease of installation will surprise you

Our system can be easily installed by one person due to its light weight and ease of installation.
In the package you will find  also an auger compatible with all drills on the market that will allow you to open an opening in the ground easily and without tiring.
Furthermore, thanks to the lightness of our system, it is estimated that one person can install up to 20 cabins every day

Development of ad-hoc sensors and 3D printing

If you need to develop specific sensors or you need a specific 3D printing.
We are at your disposal.


Development of Scalable Machine Learning & Deep Learning models

We can develop models that can automate some production processes and provide you with everything through a user-friendly interface.

What can we offer you


Solution for agricultural and environmental monitoring

Your benefits

High portability of tools

Ease of installation

Ease of viewing data

Ease of their integration into digital platforms

Ad-hoc development of sensors 

Low cost compared to  competitor

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