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Smart Farming API

Solutions just a click away


You will have access to a database of thermal, multispectral, and SAR data with global coverage.

With one call you will be able to access all the data available in the areas you are interested in.

Space Satellite

Vegetation Index

You will be able to directly obtain maps of 19 vegetation indices and graphs showing annual trends in the value of vegetation indices. You will also be able to be updated whenever there is a new image available.

Automatic Prescription Map

Our flagship service. You can obtain prescription maps directly in your platform or agricultural display, where zones have already been delineated, and you can use our automatic dose setting system to associate with each zone created through the use of budgets.

Image by Red Zeppelin
Grafico sullo schermo del tablet digitale.

Predictive Pest Models

Point us to the insect or disease to be monitored and we will give you the risk degree graph from 0 to 100% as well as alerts.

Soil Data

You can access all soil data with very high spatial resolution.

Maps of organic matter, organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and electrical conductivity are available.


Soil Moisture & Evapotraspiration

With this service you will be able to use our artificial intelligence algorithms that will allow you to be able to determine the daily soil moisture content and evapotranspiration.

Automatic Nutrient Balance: Nitrogen Phosphorus, Potassium

Automatic Fertilization advices at you finger.

This Service allow you to provide to your users a usefull toll to define the amount fo fertilization for over 50 crops.

All the advice is based on agronomic nutrition balance

Un agricoltore si prende cura della poltiglia di riso

Wheater data & Digital Agronomic Consultant & Phytopharmaceutical Products

Weather data updated every 3 hours on a global scale.  Access our artificial intelligence model trained to answer agronomic questions.

You will also have access to more than 18,000 agropharmaceuticals.

Organic Carbon Map - Multi-Year Maps

Through the use of well over 80,000 geo-referenced soil data, the use of multiple covariates and artificial intelligence you can directly obtain the organic carbon map from 2017 to the present.

Allowing certification of carbon credits with robustness in addition to agronomic use of the generated maps

terreno del giardino
Image by Florian Olivo

HTML Widgets

For quick and easy integration we can provide you with widgets with maps of vegetation indices, evapotranspiration maps, prescription maps, yield forecast, and organic carbon, even analytical charts using the popular echarts library

AI boundaries

with the combination of artificial intelligence and satellite imagery, we can provide you with complete field segmentation of the area of your interest


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