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Trattore rosso nel campo


Reducing business costs and maximizing yields, this is our goal

Free consultation

First of all we can make a meeting to get to know each other and provide you with an overview of the services we offer.
We can also perform an analysis of the satellite data of the plots you manage


Satellite report

We can provide you with a report of the satellite images absolutely free of charge in order to determine how much you could save with our systems.

Choice of the best solution

Let's evaluate together the best solution that allows you to get the most out of your agricultural vehicles

Diagramma di flusso


Following the analysis performed, we can provide you with a test prescription map that you can test directly in the field.

What can we offer you

Image by Carlos Muza

Web application

All the features you need in one place

Your benefits

Our goal is to increase your profit

Reduction in the use of fertilizer

With our remote sensing systems we are able to map each plot, and thanks to this we can identify areas with greater and lesser vigor.
We can then formulate prescription maps that are able to reduce the use of fertilizer by up to 30% in the case of cereals, while for horticulture we can achieve a reduction of up to 44%.

Reduction in the use of agropharmaceuticals

You have noticed that in some plots there are leopard-spotted weeds. So the question is why we don't just supply the agro-drug only on top of them. Reduction of the use of the agro-drug by up to 60%.

Variable-rate sowing

All soils have a spatial variability of organic substance and nitrogen content. Why not exploit this variability for differentiated sowing. We allow an increase in yield of 10%

Reduction in the use of diesel fuel

Through the assisted driving and the automatic driving of the tractor it is possible to avoid passing twice in the same point and at the same time passing in every portion of the land.

Market price predictions

Our market price prediction system uses the "State of the art of artificial intelligence" for a more accurate forecast, so as not to leave you alone at the decided time of the year, the sale of your products.

Provision of satellite images to your customers

We can provide you with a platform with which you can provide vigor maps to all your clients to support your client throughout the year and improve your competitiveness.

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