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Public sector

Monitoring & Collaborations & Research Projects

Monitoring of rural areas, forest areas and public green areas

Through our system, the operator who has to monitor rural areas or public parks can quickly take a look at the entire territory remotely.
So as to make working time more efficient and go and examine only the sites that show problems.

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Census of public parks

We can provide you with the state of the art of the public green census, through multispectral surveys with the drone.
With this relief you will have the position of the vegetable bodies, their number and theirs  health status through vegetation indices.
Furthermore, through qualified personnel we can also associate the relative species for each plant.
All to provide you with an innovative service with the best possible quality.

Research projects

We are open to collaborations for the development of research projects, being focused on the use of modern technologies.
Furthermore, our team is made up of personnel with certified scientific experience.

Image by Scott Graham
Image by Campaign Creators

Training courses

We will be happy to create collaborations to provide innovative courses for the dissemination and teaching of methodologies of which we are masters and experts.
Open for collaborations with schools, middle, high schools and universities

Development of models that monitor land use change

You want to monitor land use and its changes throughout the year.
We can provide you with the state of art of Machine Learning to do it automatically.


What can we offer you

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Web application

Your benefits

Cost reduction for environmental monitoring

State-of-the-art urban green census

People & Experience in addition to technology

Young & Collaborative Team

Innovative training courses

Conducting research projects in full autonomy

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