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Questions and Answers - FAQ

If you have specific questions and needs contact us and we will be happy to help you make the best choice for your business

Does precision farming save me money?

There are many sources that demonstrate that precision agriculture allows a reduction in business costs, maintaining and / or increasing potential production yields.

But if I don't have agricultural machinery with GPS, can't I do precision farming?

Yes, without a doubt.
Get in touch with us and we will show you the tool that will allow you to be able to use precision agriculture without the need for major initial investments.

How much does it cost me to introduce precision agriculture to my company?

The answer depends on the crop and the size of the farm.
It can start from simple assisted driving, up to the use of images acquired with the drone and sensors present in your plots.
One certainty is that we can advise and / or support you in your choices.

Can't figure out which solution is best for my business?

We are here on purpose.
Based on the crop, company size and the degree of specialization of the company staff, we will give you our advice.

What is precision agriculture?

The answer is 5 R.
Right input
Right amount  quantity)
Right place  (Right location)
Right time
Right  manner (Right execution)

On which crops do you  can apply precision agriculture?

Spatio-temporal analysis can be applied to any crop.
Both in the hills and in the plains.
We are here available to do just that.

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