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Settori di orzo


Innovative solutions for sharing and logistics

Free consultation

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Web Application

It is difficult to get everyone to agree and even more difficult to monitor all the plots.
With our web application we will provide you with a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to monitor each plot quickly.
You will also have many tools at your disposal. 
Discover all the features

Satellite Report

Absolutely free of charge, you may request a report of the satellite images over the land associated with you.
So as to easily define how much you could save with our services

sopra la Terra

Remote real-time monitoring

Knowing the pedo-climatic conditions is now increasingly important.
We provide pedo-climatic booths that are simple to install, easy to query, which will allow you to know in real-time the water content of the soil, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
So then to modulate the irrigation and fertilization interventions.

Surveys with the drone & Consultancy

You need to map the plots of your associates.
You need to locate the most difficult points and identify the cause of this problem.
A team of experts is available for you


What can we offer you

Image by Carlos Muza

Web Application

Your benefits

Real-time crop monitoring

Reduction in the use of fertilizer

Reduction in the use of agropharmaceuticals

Reduction in the use of diesel fuel

Provision of satellite images to your associates

Market price prediction of agricultural products

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