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Remote Control & Damage Assessment

Remote monitoring

You want to monitor the situation of the plots that you manage or that are under yours  jurisdiction?
With our digital platform you can easily do this.

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Flood damage, pipeline rupture, or simply wildlife damage

We have developed a system that allows you to determine if a plot has suffered damage, and all from the comfort of your computer, without the need for technicians and / or experts.
This system is able to identify the area that was subject to damage and thus determine the area  to be compensated only for what is due and nothing more.

Satellite Report

We can provide you with an example of the damage report absolutely free of charge, using the following link. What we need to know is the place of the damage and when the accident occurred.

Growing Plants

What can we offer you

Image by Carlos Muza

Web application

For remote monitoring and damage verification

Your benefits

Remote monitoring

Verification and certification of potential damage

Professionalism  & Experience

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