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Digital platform, sensors, drones, consultancy, all to accompany you in business management

Free consultation

First of all  we can make a meeting to get to know each other and understand if our skills can help you or provide you with a solution


Satellite report

We can provide you with a report of the satellite images of your plots absolutely free of charge.
So as to immediately determine how much you could save with our services


We can provide you with support in practical operations, so as to become familiar with the tools that we can make available to you.
So that you get the most out of our products and services.
Contact us

Tractor at Work
Diagramma di flusso


If we have gained your trust we can then proceed with planning the conversion to a "Digital" farm.

Prescription map

What can we offer you

Image by Luke Chesser

Web application

All the features you need in one place

Your benefits

Enter digital agriculture too: choose the modules that are right for you e  improve the efficiency of your company

Reduction in the use of fertilizer

Through the analysis of images acquired with the drone and / or satellite we can provide you with prescription maps that allow a 30% reduction in fertilizer.

Reduction in the use of agropharmaceuticals

You have noticed that in some plots there are leopard-spotted weeds.
So the question is why we don't just supply the agropharmaceutical on top of them.
Reduction of the use of agropharmaceutical up to 60%.

Variable rate sowing

All soils have a spatial variability of organic matter and nitrogen content.
Why not take advantage of this variability for differentiated sowing.
We allow a 10% increase in yield.

Reduction in the use of diesel fuel

Through the assisted driving and the automatic driving of the tractor it is possible to avoid passing twice in the same point and at the same time crossing each portion of the ground.
Up to 15% reduction in the use of diesel and wear of the vehicle

Potential Increase in Yields & Traceability

Precision agriculture makes it possible to obtain the same yields with a reduction in business costs.
Our challenge is to increase the yield by 10%, all by certifying it with images acquired with the drone and / or satellite.

Reduction of the environmental impact

Through the combined use of the tools made available there will be an increase in efficiency  use of agronomic inputs

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