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Compensating only the injured is our motto

Relief of the drone

As soon as a claim occurs, action must be taken quickly to be able to determine the affected area.
And today it is fundamental  provide reliable data e  unequivocal  both to the insured and to the insurance agency.
This is why it is essential to use an appropriate tool that allows you to detect the damage and quantify it in an unambiguous way, avoiding possible errors.
This is what the combined use of the drone and multispectral cameras provides. So from  compensate only the injured party and nothing more.

Image by Dylan Gillis

Damage from flooding, pipeline rupture, wildlife

We have the solution for you.
By downloading and processing satellite images of the plots that have suffered the accident, we can determine when the damage occurred and which portion of the land involved the damage.
Everything to be able to respect our mantra "Compensate yes but only what is due"

Determination of the damage area

Through advanced processing that embraces statistics and multivariate analysis, we can determine the area that has suffered the damage, all remotely and automatically.

sopra la Terra

Satellite report

Absolutely free, you can receive a facsimile of the damage report using satellite images.
What you need to tell us is where the accident occurred and when.
Precisely for this reason we have created a web app that will allow you to provide us with this information and an operator will proceed to supply the report.

What can we offer you

Image by Carlos Muza

Satellite report

Your benefits

Remote monitoring

With our satellite tool you no longer need to send someone on site to check for damage

Advanced analysis

At your disposal the most modern algorithms for:
1. Identify if there has been an anomaly from one day to the next.
2. Determine the area subject to the accident.
3. All provided in a single report

Determination of the amount of the damage

After defining the area that has suffered the damage, you can, through a simple tool, determine the compensation.
But this time only in the affected area and no more, through a repeatable methodology in time and space

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