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Automatic Farm Solution

People, Technology e  Experience for precision farming at your fingertips

Harvesting Wheat
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Precision Agriculture Products & Services

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Web Application

All the tools you need in one place. Digital agriculture has never been so simple and accessible

Remote Organic Certification

Is like making an inspection in the company to be certified every day.

Learn how satellite imagery, AI, and IoT tools enable certifying bodies and supply chains to check whether farming is truly organic.

Internationally patented system

Orto biologico
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Carbon Farming App

Checking that organic carbon content is increasing is critical for carbon credits.

Available to you is a system that, after being trained on more than 80,000 georeferenced points from the soil analysis, allows you to have annual maps of organic carbon.

From 2017 to the present


Learn how satellite imagery and artificial intelligence can determine whether or not there has been damage in a field, quantify the area, and estimate compensation

Space Satellite

UAV Surveys

Grow your knowledge  with the expertise that has been acquired over time by the members of the Team.
Acquisition and processing of images acquired with the drone, processing of prescription maps, learning courses on the use of R programming language, 3D printing


At your disposal is a team with academic and professional expertise so you can grow your skills in digital agriculture

Corso di formazione
Image by Christopher Gower

Smart Farming API

We don't just share data, we share applied agronomic knowledge.

A single API where you can find, satellite imagery, evapotranspiration maps, prescription maps, soil data, weather, digital agronomic advisor, echarts, html ready-to-use widgets, Nutrient Balance, 10 m x 10 m organic carbon maps, yield forecasts.


All in a single API

Agronomic consultancy

From company management, to the determination of the sale price, to full support for the presentation of PSR applications.
Professionalism at your disposal

Agronomo con Tablet

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