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Precision Agriculture Application

Grow Smarter, Not Harder: Elevate Your Farming Operations Today

Nowadays Agribusiness problems


Inefficient Resource Management

Traditional farming methods lead to wasteful use of resources like water, fertilizers, and pesticides, resulting in increased costs and environmental harm


Yield Variability

Farmers struggle to optimize crop yields due to unpredictable factors like soil fertility, weather conditions, and pest infestations, leading to inconsistent harvests and reduced profits


Data fragmentation and inaccessibility

Farmers face challenges in accessing and integrating data from various sources, hindering informed decision-making and limiting productivity gains


Lack of real-time insights

Without timely data and analytics, farmers cannot promptly identify and address issues such as pest outbreaks or nutrient deficiencies, resulting in suboptimal crop management and lower yields


Environmental Sustainability

Conventional farming practices contribute to soil erosion, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, necessitating sustainable alternatives to preserve resources and mitigate climate change

The Agronomic Precision Agriculture is the Solution

Real-Time Monitoring and Data Collection, Precision Mapping and Analysis, Crop Health Monitoring, Automated Tasks and Alert, Integration with over 15 sensors, Integration with your Tractors

Yes All-In-One Solution

Logo Automatic Farm Solution
Logo Automatic Farm Solution

How to get started


Try it for free

Ready to revolutionize the way you manage your agricultural operations? Get started today by registering and installing our mobile application for FREE! Gain instant access to powerful tools and insights designed to elevate your farming experience. Whether you're monitoring crop health, optimizing irrigation schedules, or analyzing soil composition, our user-friendly app puts the tools of precision agriculture right at your fingertips. Join other farmers worldwide who trust our platform to drive efficiency, maximize yields, and cultivate success. Don't miss out – download now and unlock a world of possibilities, all at no cost to you!

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Ask us for a free 1 Month trial for Premium Package

Ready to take your farming game to the next level? Contact us today to unlock a FREE one-month trial of our Premium Package! Experience the full power of our application with exclusive features and advanced tools designed to supercharge your agricultural operations. From detailed crop analytics to personalized recommendations, our Premium Package offers everything you need to maximize yields and streamline efficiency. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your farming experience – reach out now to claim your trial and discover the difference firsthand!

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What are they saying about us?

Elena Spinsanti

“This app is fantastic, it allows me to receive alerts, but what's truly incredible is the support. Whenever I've had an issue, the team has been there to help me every step of the way"

Azienda Agricola Fiorentini

"The prescription mapping tool with AI is unbelievable! Plus, being able to send maps directly to my tractor display in under 3 seconds is just mind-blowing."

Azienda Agricola Gianfelici

"I'm blown away by the digital soil mapping tool; it's accurate, but what really impresses me is being able to define nitrogen inputs for my crops with such precision"

Price & Plans

Field Farm


Free Forever

Multi-Farm Management

Wheater Forecast & Wheater Index

Satellite Images & more than 20 Vegetation Indexes

Soil Data

AI Based Crop Models

Integration with tractors

Google Play


Professional Package

All the modules of Free Version

Capability to connect IoT Sensors

Set Alerts

AI Based Prescription Map

Automatic Fertilization recomendations

AI Digital Soil Mapping

Advanced Report & Documentation

Online Live Training of the Platform

1600 Euro / Year

Excluded of VAT


Large Area Application

We have premium cutting-edge AI Based Crop Models that could be activated only for Agribusiness

We don't want to spolier it

Providing Premium Support & Agronomic Consulting

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