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Empower your agricultural applications with our versatile API, offering a rich array of data including satellite imagery, precision maps, interactive HTML widgets, and more

Why you can count in us?


Well Established Agronomic Knowledge

Rely on our API for agricultural insights derived from extensive experience in precision farming, coupled with a history of scientific contributions published in top-tier international journals


Scalable approach

Scalability? No sweat. We're equipped to swiftly accommodate surges in monitored hectares. Trust our API, monitoring 300k hectares daily without missing a beat


99.8% Uptime API

Trust our API for unmatched uptime reliability. Plus, we keep you informed well in advance of any scheduled maintenance.


Because we are using it to provide our high quality services

We practice what we preach - our API powers our own services, ensuring reliability and excellence

Our Agronomic API is waiting for you

Explore precision agriculture with our Agronomic API. Access precise weather, soil data, 100+ pest models, automatic fertilization recommendations, and more. With digital elevation models, AI field boundaries, and over 20 vegetation indexes, optimize your fields effortlessly. Forecast yields, monitor soil moisture, and integrate AI prescription maps with ease.


Your fields, our technology—unleash your potential today

Logo Automatic Farm Solution
Logo Automatic Farm Solution

How to get started


Send an email to and we will provide you the api key & 300 hactares free-charge to test out our API service that is monitoring over 150 kha every day


For Bigger Company

Unlock the full potential of your large-scale operations with our API support and special pricing options tailored just for you. Whether you're a corporate giant or an industry leader, we're here to ensure seamless implementation and provide dedicated assistance every step of the way. Maximize your ROI with exclusive discounts and custom solutions designed to fit your enterprise needs. Partner with us to elevate your business to new heights and stay ahead of the curve in the competitive landscape. Let's embark on this journey together towards unparalleled success

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What are they saying about us?


“This API is fantastic, it allows us to receive vegetation indexes and prescription map directly on leaflet map. Moreover it can create prescription maps that is compatible with our Geonave Tractor Display."

Price & Plans

Field Farm


Test out for free

300 hectares for free

Send an email to in the object report "API key Request"



Check it out the price

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