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Monitor your fields and
reduce production costs up to 30%

Thedigitalforfarms it has never been like this

Simple, Sartorial and Useful.


The web application was created by focusing on the action and activities in the field.​


The pedo-climatic booths are made for your needs, you decide the sensors to add and we'll take care of the rest.


Guaranteed results in the management and economic efficiency of your company.



Born from research and transferred to the corporate level 

Simple, fast and safe, our mantra

Team made up of only young people, sons of agricultural entrepreneurs, who after more than 4 years of research, want to bring digital into business contexts.

Providing only the digital you need.


Thanks to the combination of satellite images and the nitrogen balance, I created state-of-the-art prescription maps, which allowed me to reduce the fertilizer input by 25%

Before I did scheduled treatments, but today thanks to the pedo-climatic cabin, I do treatments only when needed, based on data

After the installation, I no longer needed to wake up during the night to check the temperature, in fact thanks to the site-specific forecasts, I knew in advance what I had to do

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Get in touch with the Automatic Farm Solution Team. To receive more information, send us a message and you will receive a call from one of our specialists, who will help you choose the best solution for you and your company.


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