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AI and the Future of Organic Certification in Agribusiness

Updated: May 27

Simplifying the Organic Certification Process with AI

The future of organic certification in agribusiness is bright, thanks to the incredible advancements in artificial intelligence. Imagine a world where your farm's organic certification process is smooth, efficient, and stress-free. With our AI based service - AIBIOSAT, that world is no longer just a dream; it's becoming a reality. You might be wondering how AI can make such a significant impact on something as complex as organic certification. Well, let's dive in and explore how our PCT and European patent based system use AI to revolutionize the organic certification landscape.

Enhancing Compliance Monitoring

Nowadays there are several problems in the organic certification workflows. First and foremost, fraud in organic farming is increasing which led to reduce consumer reliability and trust in organic brand food. Many agro pharmaceuticals manufactures are developing chemical fertilizers and pesticide with the unique aim to vanish from the environment as soon as possible making controls difficult to perform. The certification bodies are performing intermittent field visits and in some cases the field that need to be controlled are remote and difficult to access.

Additionally, the farmer can carry out conventional treatments following the annual inspection or during the night when there are few eyes, the famous phrase "Organic by day, Conventional by night".

This is the context where the organic certification is currently working.

Improving Inspection Processes

Don't despair, trust AIBIOSAT to unveil the unseen. Our advanced PCT and European Patent AI and satellite-driven system pierces through the veil, ensuring organic certification remains reliable and credible.

Satellite and AI Based Syst

To overcome these problems we are providing a unique set of technologies that combine different sources of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. The satellite images can do a daily inspections of the fields and over pass the problem related to the remote fields that are difficult to access. Thanks to our database built on more than 10 years of data and over 39.000 hectares, we have trained over 10 different specific AI crop models that can detect anomaly agronomic practices for organic certification based on temporal variation different sources of satellite imagery.

The artificial intelligence system allows the generation of probabilistic maps to determine the percentage of organic vs. conventional agronomic management. It also allows you to identify which portion of the field manifests anomalies, so you can perform inspections in a targeted manner, reducing inspection time. Here below you will find an output example.

Output Example AIBIOSAT

AI and the Future of Organic Certification: Successful Implementation Case Studies

Several big agri business supply chain and certification bodies are already implementing this new AI Technologies to do several activities: Identify virtuous farms that can be included in the supply chain; Identify which farm and field need higher priority to perform the field inspection on; Perform inspections following receipt of alerts due to identification of anomalies.

Already 14.000 hectares are monitored every day to detect any kind of anomaly activity and several agronomist, certification bodies are receiving our alerts to increase the credibility of organic products, but above all, we protect consumers from potential fraud.

The Future is Here

As you can see, AI is not just a buzzword in the world of agribusiness. It's a powerful tool that can revolutionize organic certification. From simplifying the certification process and enhancing compliance monitoring to improving inspections, AI offers numerous benefits for organic farmers. The future of organic certification with artificial intelligence is bright, promising a smoother, more efficient, and more reliable process.

So, why not embrace this exciting technology and take your organic certification process to the next level? The future of organic certification is here, and it's powered by artificial intelligence. Are you ready to join the revolution?

AI and the Future of Organic Certification


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